Is satay sauce dairy free?!

Question: Is satay sauce dairy free?
I'm going on a school trip to Holland tomorrow and I was just wondering whether satay sauce is dairy free? (I'm lactose intolerant) I've been to Holland LOADS of times before, as I'm half Dutch, but I don't want to feel ill when I'm not with family. I have lactase tablets, to help me digest dairy, but I don't want to take them if their not needed, so do I?
Thanks :)


Take the tablets!
Most often the sauce (satésaus or pindasaus) is made with water, but sometimes with milk to make it creamier. When you google for "recept pindasaus melk" (recipe satay sauce milk) you will find how often milk is actually used in the recipe.
Enjoy your "sateetje"… or "patatje pinda"!…

I'm Dutch and have food allergies. Most often cooks/chefs have no idea what is in ready made products, and I have learned my lesson, and always take precautions when I eat out.

Rebeccah is correct, there is no dairy in the peanut sauce served with satay. It does contain peanut butter, fish sauce, coconut milk, sugar, and hot red pepper.

Satay sauce contains coconut milk, which is just derived from coconuts and there's no real dairy in there so you should be just fine :)

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