What are some interesting things to do with a spare cucumber? I'm having friends over tonight?!

Question: What are some interesting things to do with a spare cucumber? I'm having friends over tonight?
and I plan on tossing a lot of salads. However, I'm not sure how to integrate the cucumber? (I found one in my garden this morning). Should I toss the salads before adding the cucumber, or stick the cucumber in first, and then proceed with the tossing? (I'm not sure how well it will hold up?)

Do I have to just stick with salads, or are their other exciting and delectable ways to utilize this wonderful fruit? (and yes, contrary to popular belief, it IS a fruit)


your talkin dirty agin!

If you decide to use it in salad, add with the rest of greens etc. Cucumber will stay crisp longer than lettuce/greens. You can also wash and peel the cucumber, cut it half, scoop out the seed with a spoon and fill each side with a sour cream onion dip, cream cheese, chives and dill or cheddar cheese (queso-mexican cheese dip). Then cut the cucumber halve into 1 1/2 - 2 inch long pieces and serve as an appetizer. If the cuke is from your garden, you probably even have peel it.

You can also slice up the cuke, saute some mince onion in butter add the slice cucumber, continue sauteing until crisp tender and serve as a vegetable. For color you can add some sliced radishes or tomato.

I really can't tell if this is a "legit" food question or just some pervi person on the computer having a good laugh but if it is real you can try cucumber sandwiches.

Cut into slices, soak in white wine vinegar for a couple of hours, drain, put cream cheese on both pieces of bread and then the cucumber slices. Easy and very delicious!

We make a very tasty and wholesome dish from cucumber in india, called Thalipeeth;
Assemble jawar, bajara flours and gram flour. For one bowl each of these, add only two table spoons of gram flour. Peel and grate the cucumber, add it to the flours, also some coriander and green chilles, salt etc.
Knead in just the grated cucumber ,which will have it's natural water, flatten them into tiny rotis on your palms, and shallow fry like pan cakes till golden brown. Use refined oil .
Serve hot with groundnut chutney and curds.
It's yummy, your friends will praise you .

Simply slice thin, place in bowl with a spoon of sugar, salt, pepper, a little oil, a little more vinegar, and some water (all to taste) Let them marinade in the fridge for a few hours. (you can also add sliced onion and/or tomato)

grate it up and add some plain yogurt, a bit of lemon juice, and a crushed garlic bud... some black pepper and salt.. makes a wonderful cool dip..

and cucumber slices (long finger slices) make excellent dippers in other dip like hommus or bean dips or ranch dips..

peel it, take the seeds out, chop it up in several chunks, toss it in a blender, strain it and add vodka or gin...a cucumber martini.....excellent.

cucumber raita : cucumber cut up with creme fraiche, cumin, chilli powder mixed together.
this is a great dip and is an indian so you could do curry... look up a recipe for more details...

curry recipe book

You will defnitely love this- cut it into small pieces very, small. add sugar, salt. Add yogurt, and grated peanuts. And enjoy it as salad.

pickle it and add to burgers

one cuke? slice it up and put it in the salad. done.

Hey Orlo,
Forget all of those basic suggestions above this one.
Make your salad as usual, and yes toss it, but never add to much dressing, everyone should add a little more from a side dish with extra dressing; if you choose savory; if sweet: add a mixture of jam, water and juice for a delicious fruit dressing! ;-)
You will prepare your cucumber and leave it separately until you're ready to serve it, which by the way, will go on top, as a decor. I've done this, trust me, they'll love it, looks pretty too.
You want to have good-eye-appeal when you have guests. I always to to create an "Oooo-Ahhh"
factor for all my dishes, even boring salads, when I host my friends and family, so this is what I recommend;
Peel the cucumber, slice it in half, with a butter knife, scape all the seeded area on both sides.
With a very sharp knife, cut your cucumber in half. Now slice very thinly a slice at a time approx.1/2 inch width. Once you've done so with all four pieces. Season with a touch of salt and pepper for a savory salad or dip each slice into the sweet mix I've suggested, either is fine (to best taste; you season as you go, don't worry if the dressing has all the seasoning; or add a lil dipping mini-cup mixture for sweet; but that's your choice here O*)
Now curl each piece with a half of olive*savory/cherry or raisin for sweet: and a little cream cheese. Place the cucumber stuffed circlets on top of your salad. Your guests will each get one or two, and they will love your creativity.

Curl the cucum

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