Does alfredo sauce go with meatballs?!

Question: Does alfredo sauce go with meatballs?
I have some alfredo sauce I need to use up and I also have some veggie patch vegetarian "meat"balls. Would it taste good together or should I save the balls for when I have tomato sauce? I'm making pasta too just fyi.


Yes serve of egg noodles r a broad flat noodle. This will be more along the lines of Sweedish Meatballs.

When it comes to food you can do whatever combinations you want. In my opinion i think that it would taste fine but if you dont want to risk it tasting bad then i would just wait for the tomato sauce. Theres plenty of other uses for alfredo sauce

Everyone's taste is different. Maybe, many people may like it, you may not. I like alfredo sauce with pasta. I can actually eat noodles with jam.

Yeah, okay, but add a dash of nutmeg to the balls and it is Swedish meatballs, more of less.

It always depends on the taste you have you may like it you may not all you can do is try

ME :D <3

Why not find out? C:

Spontaneous personalities!

Sounds like it would be delicious, but you'll never know until you try!

Sounds good to me...I'm starving.

sounds kinda nasty, but wouldn't hurt to try! =D

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