how to make grilled cheese sandwich without it falling apart?!

Question: How to make grilled cheese sandwich without it falling apart?

With out using a grill, you can use a small skillet on top the stove. Use a medium heat setting and let the skillet preheat as you make the sandwich. Do not greese the skillet. Butter one side ofthe bread, put it in the skillet and put the cheese on top. Butter the other piece and put it on top. Use a spatula to turn it over to toast the other side. While you are putting the top piece on you can lift the edge or corner of it to see if it is toasted enough. The same thing once it is turned over. It may take a little practice to get your timeing down. Too hot a skillet and it will toast too fast and burn the bread.

been there... done that... can't remember

Never really had that problem.. So here is how I make my grilled cheeses.
I make the sandwich, and then over the stove I place a pan. I turn the heat on, then rub butter all on the pan. Then I put in the sandwich. After a while, depending on how high your temperature is, I flip it..with a fork. *I am weird, yes.* I rub more butter on the pan before I put the sandwich back on the pan. Then, it's done. Never had it fall apart.

I make mine almost like Madeline. I butter the outsides of the sandwich, not the pan. Don't turn the heat up too high, just under medium is perfect. If you put a lid over it for a couple of minutes before flipping, the cheese melts more and it's less likely to fall apart.

TomatoMu, I make cheese, cheese and ham etc all the time, never had your problem. I do butter the outside of the sandwich before it goes into the pan.

I think you might want to try a different kind of bread. Try something thicker like Texas Toast.

Try using a non-stick pan.

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