What Kind Of fish Would You Like To Eat For Dinner ?!

Question: What Kind Of fish Would You Like To Eat For Dinner ?

Best fish meal i've ever had was in omar khayyam restaurant at Haymarket, Edinburgh. Monkfish curry. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Lightly seared Tuna rolled in a bit of sesame seed prior to searing.
A dipping sauce of soy and wasabi.
Rice flavored with ginger or possibly lemon.
A vegetable stir fry, red peppers, green onion, zucchini with a drizzle of sesame oil.

You didn't ask but for dessert a dish of fresh fruit with a chocolate dipping sauce would taste great.

Mahi mahi with grandmas secret sauce soy sauce on stickey rice and soy beana mmmmmmmmm......

Growing up with japaniese grandma and my mom lived in hawaii for a while sorry cant say secret sauce very special in family

Definitely beer battered, though I'm getting a fish sandwich from Wendy's tonight (with a medium fry and a Frosty).

Mahi Mahi

I've devoloped a taste for Hamoor, guess it's like sole...very versatile and affordable.

I would love to have some cod or catfish so I could do a Cajun beer batter for it. Yum.

grilled atlantic salmon with dill tzatiki (or however you spell that) sauce

Pan-seared ahi, please--raw in the middle.

I would like tuna in the form of a spicy tuna roll at my favorite sushi place

Some fresh Alaskan Halibut.......YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!


catfish and hushpuppies.

Walleye or trout.

Basa, rich smooth and white meat

TUNA or COD << lol xD

I'm having haddock

Cod, scallops and shrimp, I am making ceviche tonight.

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