I'm making peanut-butter sandwich cookies. Will the girl scouts come after me?!

Question: I'm making peanut-butter sandwich cookies. Will the girl scouts come after me?
And would that be a bad thing?


yep we will hunt u down dont even try running WE WILL FIND U

my girlscout troop

I don't think the Girl Scouts have all of the varieties trademarked. My husband's sister named one of her cats Samoa, after the cookie. That is definitely infringing on copyrights. (She also as a Tshirt with a picture of a chocolate chip cookie, a plus sign, a picture of a glass of milk, an equal sign and a picture of a heart that she wears tightly over her round belly. Go figure.)

Seriously though, you think they own those recipes? Just don't make them look bad by selling homemade cookies next to their table outside of the grocery store.

Yep, I was a girl scout for years!! Troop 11 or whatever. I forget...see how important it was to me? I had a lot of badges though!!! My sash was full of them. We'll let you slide this time. Just don't do it again!!!

Depends, how much are you selling them for and when can you deliver? By the way will you take an order for Thin Mints and the coconut caramel ones..they are soooooo goooood!!!!

The girl scouts is the least of your worries, look out for me I was a scout master, Boy scouts that is.

uh no? they definitly wont. im making popcorn with choclate on it, the boy scouts arent gonna come after me

You'll be fine. Just don't mess with the Thin Mints because they have been known to attack over that.

As long as you're not selling them, it's definitely OK.

No, they won't.

uhhh my lil cousin like six just said she would punch u in the face for it! lol i be kinda scared to lol

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