what are good dishes to make for a baby shower?!

Question: What are good dishes to make for a baby shower?
whats something that goes with 7 layer salad, sandwiches, swedish meatballs, chips & dip, punch, cake and ice cream, im looking for a good main dish


The best thing I ever had at a baby shower was this insanely good chicken salad. It was served with bread and crackers. Deviled eggs and "pigs in a blanket" go like crazy at any type of party. Another shower I went to didn't have much but a bread bowl full of spinach dip and other assorted appetizers, and people were delighted with it.

Maybe you should go with the whole baby theme.

Baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby spinach or baby peas.

I think what you have listed is good enough, nothing else needs to be added, but for a main dish, maybe some barbequed drumsticks would work.

Or you could do fruit smoothies or a cut out watermelon bowl filled with chopped fruit.


I absolutely looove baby showers! The last one I threw, I got most my inspiration and recipes from Marthastewart.com

I think what you have sounds delicious!

Something that was soo popular at my baby showers were these baby quiche/pies. They are easy to make and can be made in many different ways. Also you can get little pita breads, and make mini pizzas! Quick and easy and allows you to get super creative too!

Here is a link to some baby shower appetizer recipes
There are other things at marthastewart.com too of course. Great for decoration ideas too!

Good luck and have fun!!

Hope this helped =)

I would do a big fruit bowl arrangement: take one of those round seedless watermelons and carve it out to look like a baby carriage...add fruit rounds as wheels with grape or cherry in center of wheels...here's pics to choose from....(I did one of these and set it on a bed of leafy lettuce..you may have to trim some off bottom, but don't go too thin)....


On the sandwich platter, add some cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, olives in between the sections of how you have them spread out...it will dress up the platter and give an added food item as a nice garnish.

I wouldn't add another heavy "main dish"....people will appreciate the fruit much more: get some extra cups so guests can scoop the fruit into.

Here's an idea for some snack holders: NAPKIN DIAPER NUT OR MINT CUPS

I made stuffed mushroom for my wife's baby shower and they were liked by all.
here a recipe web site that has 85 recipes for such.
good luck with the babay shower.

I wouldn't try to make a "main dish" with all this heavy finger food. If anything, you need something to lighten this table up, like some cut-up fresh fruit and some veggie strips for the dip.


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