good sugar substitute?!

Question: Good sugar substitute?
anyone know a good one for baking?


Either splenda or xylitol or whatever it's called.

working places like a health food store

Maltitol as a sugar-free nutritional food additive, it tastes very good, pure and sweet, and has good moisture retention, can extend the shelf life of food, it is low energy, with anti-caries efficacy of oral food left after the Ruanmian the fragrance, suitable for diabetics, obese patients and the majority of women love the body slim.

Maltitol can increase the role of bifidobacteria in the human body, to enhance the beneficial intestinal flora, increasing the human immune system, enhance the quality of the human body from certain effects.

Assuming you don't want the calories, Splenda. Measures the same as sugar. If you just want something natural, try apple sauce or honey. I'd do some research on the artificial stuff before you use it. Have heard some disturbing things about them....


Dinner impossible

Splenda is very nice if u dont have the real thing. why are u looking for a sub?


Maple syrup is a good substitute for sugar.


meetha soda...

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