Food question-Pies & sauce?!

Question: Food question-Pies & sauce?
Occasionally when I buy a chicken pie I ask for tomato sauce only to have the server look at me weirdly and ask,
"Tomato sauce with chicken pie? Are you sure?"

Do people only have sauce with meat pies?
We all have the right to choose what we eat, be it an acquired taste or not. But I just wanted to know if it really bothers people.


I worked as a server for years--in America, where the customer is always right. If you wanted to dump marshmallow fluff on your chicken pie, I'd give it to you with no commentary. These servers are out of line for questioning your request, but then again, I've been to the UK (where I assume you are) and the service can be downright hostile, so this doesn't surprise me. Eat what you want, especially if you're paying for it.

Now, if you're a guest in someone's home and they serve it without your favorite sauce, I'd refrain from asking for it.

That is a little weird but if thats what you like then i suggested you keep getting it (even if it's just for a good laugh!) No people usually don't have sauce with meat pies ha ha. I think it's just their dumbfounded because they probably haven't ever heard of that!
Hope This Helps!

of course you can eat whatever you want with whatever you want. i eat ketchup with bread rolls and ranch on like EVERYTHING my friends/bf call me saucy haha. people may think its weird but f*** them im sure they have a weird liking for something as well

You need to come to America where you do not need to ask for ketchup, it's on every table. My attitude is, if you bought it, you have the right to eat it however you like.

Is your "Tomato Sauce" actually catsup or is it tomato sauce as in ragu or spaghetti and tomato sauce.

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