what sounds better soft pretzels or funnel cakes?!

Question: What sounds better soft pretzels or funnel cakes?
which one should i make? i have a good recipe for both but which one should i make?


Why don't you make both? Since you cant decide just make both.
But if you just want one I suggest the funnel cake.

Messy Nessy

it would be funnle cake because its yummyer and a soft prezzle is salty and bader than funnle cake

look for a good and healthey recipe for more good things

soft pretzels for sure... I am a savory person rather than a sweet person. Plus funnel cakes are fried and I don't like fried foods.

Ther you have it.

funnel cakes are where its at

ooooo get strawberries and whipped cream :D

if its kids funnel cake but
adults generally watch their health more so do pretzels

yummmmmm, funnel cakes

Soft Pretzels.

Definitely soft pretzels! And can I have your receipe please!

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