Does anyone still cook ?!

Question: Does anyone still cook ?
Do you eat out at fast food places all the time most of the time or never ?

Do you cook one meal a day three a day ? One a month ?

Am I the only one left who makes meals at home?

I wouldn't want my wife eating the crap they sell at these places so I make her lunch and usually breakfast and dinner -

But also because I do not want to eat that crap.

I am not sure what is in McDonalds burgers but I am sure it's not beef despite what they say - I am not altogether sure the bun is bread - same goes for the rest of the fast food places - They might be better but now we are compareing getting hit over the head with a book vs getting hit with a brick -

How about that microwavable stuff ? Are you doing that instead or cooking cooking ????


Yes I cook all the time. It's just me and my son but, I cook all the time I don't do breakfast on the weekdays because he wants to eat breakfast at school with his friends. But on the weekends we go all out for breakfast, it's his favorite food. I cook all the time and we don't stick to the same things all the time we try different dishes. And all my sisters and mother come to the house because they know that I cook everyday. I enjoy it, a lot of times I talk as if there's a camera right there in the kitchen and I have a live studio audience. My son thinks I crazy.

I love to cook!!! No, you are not the only one who still cooks at home. Unfortunately, I only get to cook dinner, except on the weekends. Breakfast is offered at our kids school and they love eating there so they can visit with friends that aren't in their class. My husband takes dinner from the night before for lunch the next day. But I still love to cook! I cannot stand eating at the fast food places anymore either. But rest assured, you are not alone! =)

hmmm!! didnt this one get posted word for word about 6 months back?

I cook a lot of stuff in the microwave!! not just heat and eat, but actual cooking it.

We eat out about once a month. All other food and snacks are made at home. I almost never use "quick" mixes for anything, I use raw ingredients and recipes.

McDonalds burgers are what they say they are because if they weren't the company would be shut down really quick and they are interested in the almighty dollar!! As are their competitors!

Q1. We eat fast food occasionally if we're on the road or something during meal time.

Q2. More than 3 meals a day at home because my husband and kids are on different schedules and he never wants to eat what we eat lol.

Q3. Nope, you are not alone.

Q4. Just say no! to the microwave.

I cook daily. I rather take the time to cook something fresh and know whats in it, than make something out of a box and wonder what the hell I"m eating. There are still people that cook, and honestly, it's cheaper to cook than it is to eat out.

I do cook! I love it too, although it is just myself so I tend to overcook. I roasted a chicken just the other day and then made soup with the leftovers yesterday. I love that a lot of food packages now have recipes, gives me a chance to try something new.

I cook and im pretty damn good at it! my friends love my cooking though whether polite i dont know!! off out for the day tom and will eat out then but FRIDAY i will be here, though things a bit complicated lately, ill find a way to fill up his heart with food then!

I never eat fast food. I boycott most fast food joints but mainly because I love to cook

I cook almost every day of the week (on the days I don't it's because I am savoring leftovers)

I try to eat out as little as possible,
As for cooking, once a day though I do make sandwiches and stuff for the rest,

I cook all the time.

We eat out about once a week, but it's not garbage like McDonalds. We eat REAL food.

Any woman can how did u not know that, if u have to cook than u either have great respect for your wife or she has no respect for u

I cook nearly every night, wether it is a stir fry, baked chicken, pizza, steaks, burgers or just a simple meatloaf. I attempt to make sure my family has a very wide range of protiens, starches and veggies every night! The key with the kids is to start them young, I have a 5 and 2 year old, and both of them will out eat most of my adult freinds on their veggies because my kids have learned to love them! Even veggies when cooked well taste great! Just take the time to practice and cooking becomes a great thing for the whole family!!

CUlinary School!

We never eat fast food except Subway every other week or so. My husband and I share the cooking. We both love to cook and love to try new recipes. That’s nice you do so much cooking. There are some Smart Ones in the freezer, but we don’t eat those that often- way too much sodium. The only microwave items we use often are frozen veggies in the microwave steamer bags. Sometimes frozen veggies are better than fresh because frozen is picked and packed at the peak of harvest. Some fresh veggies have been transported long distances and sitting on the grocery store shelves for several days. We buy some fruits and produce at the farmer’s market, but we don’t have a great one and it’s a bit of a drive to get there.

Yes, I cook fresh stuff all the time - one main meal a day. My partner cooks and my son cooks too.

If you cook for yourself, at least you know what you are eating and can prepare it in the way you want, adjusting levels of ingredients such as sugar, fat/oil and so on.

Shopping for good quality ingredients is the key; I tend to use farmers' markets, farm shops and similar so I know exactly where the food has come from. Always read the ingredients list.

Yes, I do use a microwave oven sometimes and also a halogen oven for certain foods. I rarely fry anything.

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