Help with a caramel recipe? (short!)?!

Question: Help with a caramel recipe? (short!)?
So for step 3 it says..

3. After 20 minutes, the mixture will turn light brown. Stir the mixture slowly, and continue to reduce the liquid.

So by reducing the liquid does that mean, to just carry on stirring the mixture slowly or pouring some out or adding some water? (I wish the recipe was more specific, but nevermind xD)

Thanks for the help!


Reducing just means cooking it down til it thickens (the water evaporates). Usually when caramel is thick but still slightly runny, it is ready. Does that make sense? :p

Reducing the liquid means that the sugar/water will caramalize... do not add any more water... slowly keep stirring until the mixture turns a nice brown color, add some vanilla for flavor. It should be brought to a 'firm ball' temp on a candy thermometer. Pour the caramel into a pre - greased or parchment papered deep dish or pan and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Depends on the recipe, for Hard Candy Caramel, cook to 240 degrees and pour out on Wax Paper,
for Caramel Topping, add some heavy cream while hot and stir till slighlty thin, but when it cools it might still be to thick, re-heat add more cream



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