Ramen cooked noodles?!

Question: Ramen cooked noodles?
I usually eat these on a daily basis. Are they healthy?


Nope there is 190 calories in one bag and 70 of those calories are from fat. It is also really high in sodium.. I happened to have a bag on my night stand:)

No. The noodles are deep-fried and the seasoning packet is high in sodium. I buy the seasoning by itself (link below) and add it to whole wheat pasta and water to make a healthier soup.


i thought i was the only one. well, the only one not in prison. theyre not healthy but theyre not too bad. just add some vegetables: tomatoes, green beans, spinach, whatever you like. i put carrots and celery in mine today. ive heard adding scrambled eggs is good too but i havent tried it.

Not especially. They're high in salt and saturated fat.

You should always eat these in moderation, just like with any other food.

me also like it its healthy
i just love it

I like em and if u eat when ur hungry u shud be fine

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