"chopped" cooking challenge ideas, please help!!?!

Question: "chopped" cooking challenge ideas, please help!!?
i am going to be participating in a cooking challenge tomorrow, and i am looking for some suggestions as to what i could possibly make. we have to make a dish that consists of four ingredients we are given and can use anything else that we can find in the kitchen. the only criteria is that we have 40 min to cook and we have to incorporate ALL four ingredients into one dish. we are going to be given .5 lb ground beef, a root veg (carrot or potato), a fruit (we are thinking probably a tomato) and a spicy food (ie a pepper or ginger). i have thought so far that i could make a form of potato pancakes or dumplings. either way, i think i would be able to substitute the carrots for the potatos.

what do you think? any ideas or experiences similar? ANY form of response would be FANTASTIC!!! thank you :))


NO don't do that! that's just nasty. ok slather the root veg in mayo and olive juice and microwave for 20 min. then finish it in the blender. then hollow out the tomatoe and fill it with ketchup, and dump the pepper inside for a kick. to plate it, put the blended sauce onto the plate, the tomatoe on top, and spinkle raw meet on top. it will be to DIE FOR!! good luck!!

I would use the mince, carrots, a bell pepper and any other veggies I can get and serve with mashed potatoes and tomato wedges as a garnish.
(you could add the tomatoes to the mince stew but they loose their taste, texture, and the colour)

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