what do i do with my steak now after i marinated it?!

Question: What do i do with my steak now after i marinated it?
normally i just add sea salt and pepper of each side then just place it on a skillet that would leave grill like marks, but i want to try marinating it and see if it would have more flavor or anything... i made a liquid marinade myself consisting of vinegar, lemon juice, water,canola oil, garlic,green pepper, onion, black pepper, jalapeno, and some spices its all liquid no chunks or anything. i've let it sit in the fridge so far for 20 mins or so and im wondering once i take it out and let it get room temperture do i rinse off the marinade and re-add salt and pepper to the steak thats been siting in the marinade or should i just put it on the skillet Oh, by the way i've heard it was better to use grape oil then olive oil not sure but i only have olive oil (extra light and normal) and canola oil truthfully i dont know what kind of differance the oil would provide but my friend in cooking school pushes me to use grape oil something about temp it would cook the steak at.


Yohannes, you can use butter or olive oil, no need to rinse of marinade, just place it into a hot skillet, do one side then the other, make sure you only turn it once.

Mostly chefs leave the steak in the fridge to marinate and soak all the flavor.

I like the flavour of the meat by itself but this would be a good opportunity to try a steak, grilled in olive oil, for only 4 minutes a side on medium high heat and then cut in strips to use for a steak salad, or a fajita or other wrap or item.

You don't need to rinse off the marinade and don't add anymore salt and pepper. I also depends on what kind of steak you are using. A NY strip loin is more tender than a sirloin steak so we usually don't need to marinade a NY steak. Prime Rib steaks are tender too. I would marinate a sirloin, or a chuck steak or a round steak and then quick fry them.

Olive oil is fine.... use the extra virgin stuff for the salads and the regular olive oil for frying, but don't use too high of heat for any oil.

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