What do you like Porridge / Cornflakes or Other in a morning.?!

Question: What do you like Porridge / Cornflakes or Other in a morning.?

Well i like porridge and sometimes wheaties i can manage till lunch ok with some of them lol.!

oatmeal with some chopped up apples and cinnamon and a little sugar. i usually just eat a banana with an omega 3 capsule with a biffidus/acidphilus pill and like 1/2 a glass of skim milk with the lactose taken out.

Porridge is dreadful stuff. They used to eat it in Scotland because there wasn't much else. Now there is no reason at all.

Other, definitely. Bacon and eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages.

I like porridge but I usually only eat it in Winter.

Otherwise I mix between a bowl of Special K or a poached egg on toast.

Always porridge. Cereal contain way too much sugar and/or salt anyway so they are never healthy.

Muffins generally if there are any although today i had nothing and i am feeling very hungry!!!


porridge only

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