is margarine on chicken good?!

Question: Is margarine on chicken good?
i got some chicken cooking in the stove, does it taste good to put melted margarine on it? im not worried about the healthiness of it, i don't have much for seasonings so will this help the flavor positively?


I would go with olive oil and some pepper.

It isnt as good as butter, Margerine is basically one of the most horrible things for you because it is basically plastic, they did a study and it is 1 molecule away from being plastic and when they left it out nothing would go near it no bugs or animals they also studied its affects and gave it to chickens and some got very sick and some died. I dont want to scare you i just know id want to know what 0 calorie flavoring i was putting on my food. :)

article from a couple years ago.

It will be good. ( I use margarine on chicken when I BBQ it, so why not? ) Some other things I like to do though are:
1. Serve it with Honey.
2. For "Tangy" chicken, try a little mustard or lemon on it while it's cooking.
3. Make a special BBQ sauce to fook it in: Brown sugar, catsup, a "shake" of worchesershire sauce and a dash of liquid smoke. Yum!

A little melted margarine would improve the flavor as long as the chicken isn't greasy to begin with. As others have said, butter and olive oil taste better, but I'd rather have chicken with margarine than chicken with nothing.

Well, it won't hurt it, but it is pretty salty, which can seep through to the meat and dry it out. Do you have any Olive Oil to baste it with instead?

Uturn, do as you please. You seem to have the answer you want.

if you baste it in garlic and butter, that could be good

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