Should I order a steak take-out from chili's? Does steak have iron in it?!

Question: Should I order a steak take-out from chili's? Does steak have iron in it?
So I'm super stressed, tryna cram for college. And I really really really want a steak.

Plus I just found out I'm anemic (lost a lot of blood after surgery). Would steak be a good meal? I was gonna call for a take-out. I know Chili's has a lot of foods with tons of fat, but I'm underweight so it's all good.


Meat is a good source of iron and certainly if you feel like a steak today, go for it, in fact, most food cravings are meant to warn you of something you need. If a person is dealing with an addiction of some sort, like carbs, sugar, or caffeine, we need to learn to read and address those signals differently but for your purposes, if you are craving meat, you probably do in fact need an iron source.

That said, you need a balance in your everyday diet. Good healthy meats are not always affordable, which means if you are a good carnivore you are shelling out for good stuff or paying for a bunch of salt, preservatives, and processed weenie type foods. You do need to watch fats and cholesterol, even if you are trying to gain weight. Another huge thing with anemia is that if you are on an iron rich diet, you can get so constipated. So, you do want some plant sources, and lots of fiber in your can't just drown yourself in meat.

Here is a link to all kind of iron rich food, both animal and plant based. You might be surprised at some excellent sources of iron. Cream of Wheat cereal, molasses, spinach are three plant based iron you can get your iron at every meal, and even dessert and snacks.…

You should get your blood tested regularly to make sure your iron levels are increasing. I bet you can home test or get tested at a pharmacy, ask your doctor. If not there is a quick finger stick test at all blood donation centers, maybe they can help you track it temporarily...without the hassle or cost of an office visit. Maybe not but worth a try...they probably do not get such requests everyday and may indeed help you.

Actually, if you can not cook your own steak, then yes that would be a good plan B.

Red meat is rich in good iron, and also helps with the production of blood in your body. Also, protein assists with the development of both long term and short term memory, and helps with memory recall. So while studying, protein will help you to learn and remember what you are studying.

If you're going to bother, at least call Outback Steakhouse and use their "take-away service" because they'll bring it to your car and the steak will be better.

personal observation/knowledge

Not really Happy Tonight, as long as it's not overcooked like a leather sole then yes it has iron in it. I have mine medium to medium rare.

Go for it. Yes, steak has iron. Next time you see your doctor, ask if you need an iron supplement. >

ALL RED MEAT has IRON :) Lucky for us anemic meat lovers!! Eat your steak and enjoy!!

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