Question about beets?!

Question: Question about beets?
My children and husband love beets. We usually have them in a salad. I would like to find other ways of incorporating them into our meals. Anybody have any yummy suggestions? Thanks a lot.


i love beets too! :D so delicious and sweet and beautiful to look at ~
first i recommend that if you're a foodie to go on
i love beets in risotto or pasta dough to give it a pretty pink/red color and i like to put it in my pasta dough. i've put beets in a veggie burger (beets, brown rice, onion, olive oil, paprika, pepper), in cookies (put a little grated beetroot into your dough), pureed it into a soup with cream and olive oil, roasted beets sliced thinly to make beet 'chips' (fun for your children too), made it into a hummus (add beetroot to your favorite hummus recipe), and i've grilled beets too :) seriously, the possibilities are endless with this deliciously versatile vegetable
message me if you want any recipes! :D
ps. i LOVE that your children love beets... that's so rare!

You can straight out roast them in the oven and serve as a side dish. In Israel they make beets to serve as an appetizer before the meal, they're seasoned with caraway and a bit of dill. I also have another beet salad suggestion, we make a salad that's thinly sliced beets served over mache (or mesclun mix) with toasted hazelnuts, drizzled with a orange vinaigrette and topped with horseradish creme. It's a phenomenal dish we had a Simon Pearce last year, a truly lovely composed salad worth the effort.

I never liked beets but then I never tasted them. Then during our holiday office party, the caterer had some kind of cucumber sandwich with some kind of beet puree on it. That thing was so good! I now like beets! Just wanted to share that with you!

BTW - because I am new to beets, I can't really give you any recipes but that cucumber beet sandwich we had at the party was really good.

You could make a beet soup, or beet sliders. They're like mini-hamburgers with thick beet slices instead of meat.

my mom used to heat them and then serve them with a bit of butter and some seasoned salt.

Boiled, with butter, salt and pepper.

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