I need a center for cake mix?!

Question: I need a center for cake mix?
I have a devil's food chocolate cake mix that I think I will make but I want a gooey center or some other idea for a "topping" other than frosting.


oh boy do i have a cake topping for you!! Its a coconut topping and it is soooo good on chocolate cake......6tbsp butter (melted) 10 tbsp br sugar 4tbsp milk 1 cup coconut mix together and spread on cake, put in oven 2 or 3 minutes,let cool,.....this is enough for a 8x8 double it for a bigger cake....Bon appetite

My personal favourite icing is butter icing, there's so many flavours to choose from:
There's chocolate
Coconut, and much more

Ok, so it's chocolate cake. I think a chocolate butter icing or Vanilla butter icing for the top, decorated with blue icing or chocolate chips. I once made a cake for my mum, chocolate sponge with a Vanilla butter cream filling and chocolate topping with swirls of blue icing and whited chocolate chips! It looked as good as it tasted, DELICIOUS!!!
Research on how to make these icings, some people like to put milk in their butter icing, others don't, but it's your chose!
Hope this helped xxx

For the middle between layers, you can use a lemon pie filling or a strawberry jam filling.
The topping , meaning icing for the top outside of the cake , I still like a chocolate or a mocha /coffee butter cream icing.using butter, not shortening.

1/2 C milk chocolate chips
1/4 C heavy whipping cream
2 Tbsp chopped pecans or other nuts (optional)

In a pan bring cream just to boil, pour over choc chips in a bowl. whisk until smooth. pour over cake. sprinkle with optional nuts. cool in fridge until set.

bake cake in 2 or 3 pans, 9-inch rounds work great.. cook 5 minutes less for 3 pans. use chocolate fudge pudding for filling between layers, Dust with powder sugar over paper doily.

lightly frost then top with carmel sauce and top layer of cake. add pecans or other nuts if you like then on the top layer drizzle melted chocolate....turtle cake. yummy.

white frosting with chocolate chips...yummy!

white frosting


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