Honey to Harden (some 4 protein bar) How?!

Question: Honey to Harden (some 4 protein bar) How?
Using honey to bind and sweeten a protein bar. Any baking chemistry for semi hardening honey?

Not interested in freezing or baking the protein bar.


If you get the honey to crystallize, it will be much stiffer. It's something that will happen naturally, especially with raw, unpasteurized honey, but you can process it, whip air into it to make it happen on purpose.

"While crystallization is usually
undesirable in liquid honey,
controlled crystallization can
be used to make a desirable
product. Crystallization can be
deliberately induced, and with
control, can be used to create
a product known as cremed
honey. This is also known as
creamed honey, spun honey,
whipped honey, churned
honey or honey fondant.
Spontaneous crystallization
results in a coarse and grainy
product. Controlled
crystallization results in a
product with a smooth,
spreadable consistency."


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