measure out individual portions of instant pudding?!

Question: Measure out individual portions of instant pudding?
I'm looking to make individual portions of instant pudding for a school group project. Anyone know what the measurements might be?? Like 1 tbsp power to 1/3 cup milk. IDK just wondering if anyone ever bothered to measure it out or knows where I might find the info so I don't have to. :-)

Do you think it would even work? Would the pudding stiffen up in individual portions??


The typical 3.4 ox. box of Jell-o brand instant pudding makes 4 servings. Simply divide the powder into 4 equal portions, and add 1/4 the total amount of milk called for to each portion. Stir, and allow to set.

If it's a group project, why not make the full serving and get the little single serve cups from the store for individual servings? I am thinking you need to make enough to serve everyone in class. Pudding is pretty inexpensive, even if you don't serve all of it you won't really be wasting money and I'm betting that someone in your school would still love to eat it.

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