I need help making a strawberry poke cake - where do I put the frozen strawberrys?!

Question: I need help making a strawberry poke cake - where do I put the frozen strawberrys?
frozen strawberrys would be no good for the top - so should I mix them in with the cake batter - and if I do that, should I cut down the moist ingredients of the cake? I'm working with 1 box of white cake mix - one small pack of strawberry jello, and a bag of frozen strawberrys, and a thing of white frosting. please help


defrost the berries drain well use the juice in the cake mix in place of some of the water. bake the cake and use the berries on top of the frosting but only when serving, if you put it on the entire cake it will get too moist and mushy.

Thaw the strawberries, drain them and mix them into 1/2 of the frosting to put between the layers if any, or just mix them into the frosting for the top of the cake after you pour on the jello. Use the drained syrup as part of the liquid in the jello.

personally i blend them with 3 pinches of salt and a dollop of ketchup and add into to batter, sounds odd but its great!

on top? it sounds good

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