Is it safe to cook meat on a rusty grill?!

Question: Is it safe to cook meat on a rusty grill?

You need to get a wire brush or scraper. Scrape off what you can, and then cover it with a paper towel dipped in cooking oil. This will prepare the grill for use and there won't be any sticking.
You have to clean the grill because you don'tknow what other germs are in the oxidized material.
Would you fry meat in a rusty pan?

Ithink it's unappetizing as well as not safe.
It's usually made of cast iron so using the heat to burn off germs and old food would help, as well as brushing with a wire BBQ brush . Spray with Pam to coat it just as you would a cast iron pan and your good to go.

The rust won't hurt you, but little bits of yuckiness stuck in all the little pits and cracks in the rust might. It'll also make your meat taste rusty. And that's ew. Definitely clean it first.

Just brush down well and spray with some Pam or high temperature cooking spray and heat up to sterilize before adding meat

Scrape the rust with a steel brush to get any loose flakes of oxidized metal off and it will be safe.

no you can get tumberculosus, witch is a very fatial desise er sickness

hell no unless u want ur food to taste bad...


just use sum aluminum foil

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