Russian Desserts? What do they eat?!

Question: Russian Desserts? What do they eat?
I'm interested in learning about foreign food.
since I'm part Russian, I always wondered what kind of desserts are made over in Russia.
If you gave me recipes to Russian desserts I would appreciate it.


Like she said they eat a lot of soft cheeses & also dried fruits.
heres some of my favorite recipes & their links.
Apple Babka made with bread

Paskha with Hard-boiled Egg Yolks

Baked Lemon and Semolina Cheesecake

These are great & recommend you try them!
on those links it also tells you more about the dessert!

They are very good at dairy items. Lots of cream, sweet cheese and sour cream. Which mixes well with the breads they eat with every meal.…

(I am also Russian but only one grandfather so the food was more Polish like my grandmother/mother)

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