What snack/meal never fails to cheer you up?!

Question: What snack/meal never fails to cheer you up?
Mine has to be a dim sum dumpling lunch :) so fun and always makes me feel better...that and horlicks hot malty milk drink lol!! x


Beef or chicken stew for savoury.For a dessert stewed/pureed apples with custard or vanilla sauce. Not both at the same meal though as would be too heavy. In summer, for dessert like orange jelly (jello) with real mandarins in accompanied by either ice cream or blancmange ( if you cannot get blancmange powder, custard or vanilla sauce made thicker than normal and allowed to go cold will do.)
Apart from the above, if I need a comfort food, I may try to approximate meals or desserts my mother used to make for me when I was a child.

Carrots or optionally fresh carrot juice.


strawberry orange juice and waffles with strawberries, strawberry sauce, butter and whipped cream.
always makes me feel better!

Chocolate in any shape or form or indeed any squidgey pudding!



chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Cinder toffee
McDonald's Milkshakes
... basically anything I really shouldn't

Cheese on toast- quick, cheap, simple and always tastes great.

roast lamb with cripsy roast potatoes and minted peas

dove cookies and ice cold milk...yum :)

Home made lemon meringue pie mmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh man i love that

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