Stir-fries and Casseroles?!

Question: Stir-fries and Casseroles?
What's a term used to describe the food used in a casserole?

What's an English term for casserole?

What's used to brown the top of casseroles?

Cooked meat can be ______ when used in a stir-fry or casserole.

Other than main courses casseroles are served as what?

What can be used to bake a casserole?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



something bake like pasta bake

bread crumbs




Sounds like someone wants us to do their homework for them lol

1] In England a casserole is called a casserole

2] Nothing, they should be topped with dumplings shortly before the end of cooking and the dumplings will go brown

3] used up

4] Any meal you darn well want, great for lunch or dinner

5] to bake in - a casserole dish
ingredients - meat (any you like), veg (any you like but traditionally carrots, swedes, parsnips, onions) gravy
dumplings for topping, made from flour and suet

Do I get a good mark teacher ? :))

Cooking is my hobby

may be useful as a personal reference

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