What is another word for omelette?!

Question: What is another word for omelette?
I have actually heard something like "fratata" but I'm not sure what it actually is. And what's the difference between omelette and the other word?


Every country or region has a name for a similar prepared creation namely omelettes-Here is a small list of the different county and local name for the omelet. knowing this, you are right about "fritata" being another (name -handle- moniker for) "omelet"
Canada & US- known as Omelette or Omelet http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Cookbook:Om…
Italy-called Frittata-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frittata
Japan-Tamagoyaki -Japanese omelette
Middle East-called ijee- Middle East-http://www.recipetrezor.com/middle-easte…
China-egg foo yung- Chinese- egg foo yung is very much like a frittata or a tortilla.
Greece Strapatsada-in Greece-http://www.food.com/recipe/Strapatsada-S…
Spain or Mexico known as a Tortilla

research on the internet

Frittata. The frittata usually has a lot of other ingredients mixed in with the eggs, such as sliced cooked potatoes. It is started on the stove top then transferred to the oven to bake until the eggs are set. A frittata is eaten in slices, either hot of cold, whereas an omelette is a thin layer of eggs, sometimes filled, is served rolled and eaten hot.

Fritata and omlette are similar but not the same. A frittata is a crustles quiche. It is baked and has cream and so on added.

Omettes have just a splash of milk or water added and are cooked on the stove top sometimes finished in the oven.

tortilla de huevos

I looked up the word frit·ta·ta at dictionary.com in less time than it took you to post this question.

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