Is this a good way to make bananas last longer ?!

Question: Is this a good way to make bananas last longer ?
I always put them on the counter for them to turn yellow. I usually buy them green and of course they last longer, but when I buy them yellow already 2 or 3 days they turn really black. So, I decided to try to separate them from their stalks and place them in a brown paper bag. I wrapped each banana in paper towel, which that help at all or no ?

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No matter what you do bananas get bad pretty soon. What I do after they turn yellow, I peer them off and put them in the ziploc plastic bag and put them on the freezer, cut them in half and put one or two, three. Don't put to many in the plastic bag because they stick together, put 3 or 4 and every time you want to eat one just pull out of the plastic bag. It work for me. I hope it work for you.

I've read that putting them in a brown paper bag will make them ripen faster, because the hormones or whatever that they release to ripen will be concentrated. The best way to halt ripening is to put them in the refrigerator. The peels will turn black, but the fruit will be ripe, not overly ripe.

im not to sure about that but whatever you do do not put bananas near apples because then the apples release methane gas which ripens the bananas really fast

When there ripe peal off the skin and freeze them then dip them in choclete roll them in nuts then refreeze! Or you could make banana nut bread just a suggestion.

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