How much is 2-3 mashed potatos in cups?!

Question: How much is 2-3 mashed potatos in cups?
My recipe calls for 2-3 potatos, mashed.
We had already mashed a whole bunch of potatos so how would we measure that out?


I think it would be less than 3-4 cups. More like 2 cups. Mashing them will compress them. But I think you can eyeball it, since you just put a few spoonfuls or whatever per perogie. Yum! Good luck!

No way to tell; potatoes are different sizes. What's the recipe for? It might not really matter.

ON EDIT: Laura B is correct, you can eyeball the amount you need in each pierogie. Since you already have them mashed, just use what you need.

i think it would be about 3-4 cups

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