How do you make delicious popcorn?!

Question: How do you make delicious popcorn?

Real popcorn cooked in a pan with oil and then salted and generous melted butter.

There was a TV show on a LONG time ago called "Real People". One of their segments showed someone they called the "king" of popcorn, and he cooked whole kernels in a black frying pan, and used Bacon Fat. Of course, I had to try that one one, and it does make the best popcorn.

As a topping, I think the best is Bacon Butter.

Here's a link to a recipe for the Bacon Butter, it's near the bottom of the page:…

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn ! :D .

Butter... and I mean REAL butter... and lightly salted.

That'll be 5-cents, please.

microwave lite popcorn and i add melted butter

Air poppers are the best. Then add the toppings you like.

Use coconut oil to pop.

with butter and popcorn

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