Does this sound like a good summer recipe?!

Question: Does this sound like a good summer recipe?
Angel hair pasta
Halved cherry tomatoes
Basil cut into ribbons
A little parmesan
Lemon zest

The tomatoes aren't fully cooked, just until they begin to break down, the garlic is softened with the tomatoes in olive oil, and the rest is added to the pasta and served immediately.

What I'm really wondering about is if the lemon zest is a good addition, or if I should just leave it out.


Very good, however I would saute the cooked pasta lightly as you suggested with the tomatoes and garlic with a bit of the lemon zest. No combo is better than garlic and lemon but don't use too much zest, it can overpower.
I would use very fresh parmesan and a generous amount, not just a little grated over the served plate.
Make sure you season with fresh black pepper and salt.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... sounds scrumptious ;D i think you should keep the lemon in, sounds like it would really work with the rest of the ingredients, you could always experiment with more ingredients because it sounds like you have a good idea in what goes together x:)

i think that is a great recipe, sounds very adventures and you should defitnately add the lemon zest as it will give the dish a kick.

Yes, it is an awesome summer recipe. Pasta salad is very popular summer dish that a lot of people make.

Yeah it is.

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