Should I make fettuccine Alfredo for dinner?!

Question: Should I make fettuccine Alfredo for dinner?
I have some spagetti noodles and a jar of already made alfreado sauce. Should I make that for dinner? my boyfriends coming over because i'm home alone for the weekend and didn't wanna stay here by myself. If I made that, i'd also add some chicken into it and make some garlic bread. Does this sound good?


Hey, you've gotta have a veggie for a balanced meal, broccoli is the best with chicken fettuccine! Add a simple salad, say some lettuce (romaine is the best and has the most nutrients of all the lettuces) and tomatoes with any kind of vinaigrette, like olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Great combo. Also, remember this old saying: "The way to a guy's heart is through his stomach". So get cooking!!

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Technically, you'll be making 'Spaghetti Alfredo'; fettuccine is a long, thin, flat pasta. Your idea does sound good, though. Serve with a green veggie or a tossed salad, and you've got a good meal.

Yes, alfredo is awesome!!!!!


Only if you want a fattening dinner..


YES!! It's my favorite.

Yes, it sounds good..

YES! That sounds really yummy! i think u should go for it! Nice and simple yet tasty as well :)

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