what is an easy to make recipe with lots of flavor?!

Question: What is an easy to make recipe with lots of flavor?
I just had my wisdom teeth pulled, so i cant open my mouth wide. so what is a good, tasty, easy to make recipe that i can eat??? help i'm starved.


my daughter just had all 4 out, and for 2 days she couldn't even open her mouth, but she ended up eating mashed potatoes with gravy, scrambled eggs, mac and cheese,raman noodles(broke the noodles up to small pieces and drained most of the liquid then added flavor pack), chicken noodle soup, jello, applesauce, yogurt, even the gogurts freeze them works great as well,ice cream, mashed bananas, even tried baby food but she gagged..lol..beef and chicken broths with saltines soaked up to a mush,pudding, soggy cereal, flavored cream of wheat(the real cream of wheat not the generic, the generic is too gritty)

what ever you choose to eat you could flavor with spices dont forget ;D even just salt and pepper can make a huge difference. today i made a red/green pepper and chicken dish with garlic, pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar, ginger, cyan and it was soooo good and all i needed to flavor it was spices. this would work well with mashed potatoes, soups, oatmeal..ect. milkshakes and smoothies would prob feel great too XD

Angel delight is really good and super easy! Or maybe for something more filling mashed potato with gravy is easy and very nice! :) x

scrambled eggs, cottage cheese with canned diced peaches, soup, oatmeal with bananas, smoothies, jello.

beer. numbs the pain and it can provide sustenance for some time. The irish used to give their kids a pint everyday during the potatoe famine.

mashed potatoes

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