Do you prefer the taste of ginger, garlic or onions?!

Question: Do you prefer the taste of ginger, garlic or onions?
They are essentials in my kitchen!!, but i'm not sure which i prefer? they are both great in different dishes, but hmm think my favourite has to be....onion...different varietys are good with different things :) x


hell yeah!! I love garlic.. id eat it on everything if it went with everything XD I just discovered ginger the other day and its a new fav of mine, i really like ginger, garlic and cyan mixed, its a festive, spicy taste. i love onion but it isnt that special lol, its more on the bland side i think unless their raw and i cant eat raw onions.. taste so much better when their cooked.

I'd have to say i really don't like the taste of any, but do prefer onions on a burger and that's when i like the taste.

Yes, I use onions in everything, usually add garlic with meat dishes, ginger with beef.

I do not like onion at all, but ginger and garlic, they are bother tied for absolutely fantastic.

Onions, esp. cooked onions..

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