Which is better for a PB&J strawberry or grape jelly?!

Question: Which is better for a PB&J strawberry or grape jelly?
I'm going to make a grilled PB&J soon, but I need to go buy some jelly first. What flavor is better?


For me, I really, really like grape jelly! I just LOVE the taste! But that is just my opinion, whatever flavour YOU like the most, you can go buy it. But if I were you, I would but the grape jelly.

Grape all the way! it works so well with the taste of the peanut butter, compliments it really well, strawberry dosen't have enough..oomph lol x

im not such a huge fan of pb&j >.< but if i had to choose...uhm strawberry? idk
choose the flavor u like best :)

I like red raspberry or plum..............But if I had to choose one of those I would go with grape...........


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