What can I make with pork butt?!

Question: What can I make with pork butt?
So I bought the smallest cut I could get, but it's still a lot since I'm only cooking it for myself. I really bought it just to try one recipe, but now I have a lot left!! Recipe suggestions for what I can do with it? All I'm really finding is BBQ recipes. Is that all you can make with this cut?


Is it a regular roast? I would put it in the slow cooker on low for 8-9 hours. Add onions, carrots, whatever (though don't add those til halfway). After you put the roast in smother a can of cream soup (your favorite flavor) on top of the roast and then a packet of onion soup mix. After 8-10 hours it will be "fall apart tender" and will taste awesome. If you like gravy with it you can make a fantastic gravy from the juices in the bottom of the slowcooker. Just add a couple tsp of cornstarch to cold water and shake. Add juices and cornstarch mixture to a pan, add pepper and garlic, whisk until thick. Hope this was the right cut of pork butt I was thinking of! If not - use this recipe for any pork or beef roast.

made lots of roasts...

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