Question about Challah Bread...?!

Question: Question about Challah Bread...?
I decided to make some Challah bread with honey (instead of sugar) and decided to use about 1/4 cup more honey in addition to the amount stated in the recipe, as I wanted it to taste slightly sweeter.
The dough would not rise. Is this because of the extra honey?


Up to one cup, honey can be substituted for sugar in equal amounts. For example, you can substitute 1/2 cup of honey for 1/2 cup of sugar called for in a recipe. Over one cup, use about 2/3-3/4 cup of honey for every cup of sugar. This is because honey is actually sweeter than sugar.

It could have been too much honey overwhelmed the production of the yeast. How well did it rise before putting it in the oven?

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yes most likely just stick to the recipe and if you want it sweeter try something after it is baked

culinary. have made challah

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