people who don't leftovers what do you usually eat on a weekly basis?!

Question: People who don't leftovers what do you usually eat on a weekly basis?

leftovers are whatever you made for one meal and had some left over. Like if you made a big pot of spaghetti and there was still some left after dinner, you might eat that for lunch the next day. If you don't do leftovers, chances are you have enough money to eat out a lot or you cook for one person - yourself - and you only cook one meal at a time, just enough for you to eat.

You can eat anything you want, just cook it small.

Left overs are great! Here's some examples
Baked potatoes one night, then slice them up for fried potatoes later
Roast beef, then shred it up and put bbq sauce in it for sandwiches.
Tacos one night, then make a taco pizza, or taco salad later
Who ever said left overs were for poor people are idiots and shouldn't be so wasteful!

Leftover lover :)

it is when you make food for lunch or dinner and there is more food left over whic will be consider left over which you could eat it at another night

who dont leftovers?? i dont understand your question sir

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