Snacks ideas to bring while traveling?!

Question: Snacks ideas to bring while traveling?
I am going to Honduras for a week Friday and we have to bring snacks. I am trying to lose weight and I need to know what snacks I should bring.

I have to bring snacks while we are traveling in Honduras.


If you're trying to lose weight:

- Nature Valley granola bars

-Kellogs bars

- dried fruit eg (cranberries,blueberries,raisins)

- carry some canned fruit with ( tuna,salmon,sardine)

- for protein carry jerk (beef,turkey slim jim)

- chips (non buttered in the bag popcorn, pretzels,apple chips)

- crackers (triscuts,wheat thins)

while on the trip drink PLENTY of water and eat lots of fruits and veg wash them first. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself

Any nuts
Apple Nature Valley Fruit Crisps
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Dried fruits
Beef Jerky
Kashi Chewy Granola Bars
Soy Chips

Hope this helps, I tried to find some more but most are perishable.

Easy to pack and eat would be granola bars and fig newtons (individually wrapped). Healthy for you also.

Dried-prunes are healthful and delicious!

or any fruit that travels well

Trail Mix
Dried fruit
Baked chips

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