I Really love Grochery Shopping With My Kids, Is This Weird?!

Question: I Really love Grochery Shopping With My Kids, Is This Weird?
I Really love Grochery Shopping With My Kids, Is This Weird?
Just curious. How many mom's out there who do all the grochery shopping for the family every couple weeks, enjoy it. i know i'm probably just weird. lol but I really enjoy and like going to the grochery store and shopping for food, and i like to take my two young kids with me as well. i have a 19 month old daughter and a 4 month old son. i love them so much. and i think its fun to take them. what about you. do any other mother's out there enjoy shopping and taking the kids out with you, or am i just a weirdo? lol.


i take my kids but they are not that young.

wait until yours get older, you might change your mind.


I adored raising my kids and loved to take them everywhere. Going to the store was great fun. When my kids were very small, I'd tell them that we were going shopping and my son would start singing the Kroger jingle (he must have learned it from television). It was so cute!
So, no, I don't think you are weird at all.

Mom of 2.

I don't mind them as long as the mother can control their kids.

There is nothing worse than trying to do your shopping when their are screaming, misbehaved kids. crying
It the parent hasn't the manners to remove the kd from the shop they should be asked to leave.

Often on kid can upset the well behaved ones etc, and disturb the whole shop.

sure that's a fantastic thing. just make sure to set examples like mentioned earlier. buy foods that are healthy and explain to your kids the benefits of proper nutrion if they can understand.

Well I will tell you as soon as you tell me what grocheries are.

If you mean groceries, I simply enjoy shopping for them regardless of the company I have with me. It means I have money to eat something that isn't from a box and cooked in a microwave for once. So no, I don't think that weird.

Really, though: work on your linguistic and grammar skills. You have kids now, and they learn by example. If you set the pace for them by letting them know it's okay to write like that, they will never have a white-collar, well-paying job.

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