how can i make this into gravy?!

Question: How can i make this into gravy?
I have a can of campbells condensed soup "Beefy Mushroom" how can I make this into gravy? do I need to add flour or something to thicken it? please any advice will be nice.


dilute the soup as directed and set aside. in a medium sauce pan melt 4 T butter over low heat,add 4 T flour and let cook while stirring until it is a light brown,,,slowly whisk in soup mixture. and let cook until thickened...If you want to add a little more flavor you can onions while melting the butter,

add a can of cold water and a splash of dry white wine and about a tablespoon of cornstarch. the cornstarch will only dissolve in cold liquid. once dissolved, cook on low heat until thickened and taste. nothing worst than the taste of uncooked cornstarch.

if you want, you can add spices like black pepper, parsley flakes and a pinch of garlic powder.

This will be a sauce not a gravy. You need fat/grease to make a gravy. You can add some corn starch to the heated soup to thicken. You need to heat it first.

not sure of the sqecific brand but take part of the liquid about 1/4 cup and add 2 tab corn starch and mix. heat the rest till bubly and pour in the cornstarch liquid. wisk till thickened.

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