What can you substitute for parchment paper?!

Question: What can you substitute for parchment paper?

In baking simply grease your pan (with butter or spray oil) then add a bit of flour. Shaking and rotating the pan coat the bottom and sides with the flour. Once completely coated tap out remaining flour.

That depends on what you're using it for

If you're using it to line a baking sheet, you can use a silicon mat or cooking spray

If you're using it to make a dish wrapped in paper, you'll want to get the parchment

If you're using it to line a cookie tin, you can use waxed paper

depends what its being used for

if its going to be baked on, you can get sillicon mats that will work
or aluminum foil.
if its going to be stored in, you can use wax paper, or seran wrap.

You didn't say what you need it for..............if you are baking then I suggest grease & flour the pan...

Only in rare occasions use foil....Never use wax paper...It does not do well in the oven as you can imagine...

Good luck !!!

aluminum foil or wax paper depending on how you're using it...If heat go with foil, if cold go with wax paper

aluminum foil with a little Pam spray or a non-stick silicone mat that's for baking

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