How many of you cook with butter as opposed to oil or margarine?!

Question: How many of you cook with butter as opposed to oil or margarine?

always butter - just tastes right. When you conside the small amount required for a recipe for several people, how much harm can it do? Plus, the jury is still out on margarine.

I use all 3. It depends on the recipe and where I am living at the time. Taste is ever thing. What I made when living in Europe and used certain ingredients will not be the same recipe ingredients in Alabama. On the other hand, the partner or people Im cooking or baking for has to be considered also in accordance towards taste.

I use both as appropriate (butter and oil....never margarine). For any Meditteranean type dish, I use olive oil. For any dish where I want a neutral flavor, I use vegetable oil. For dishes that traditionally use buter, I use butter.

I use butter for most cooking and oil for salads and starting soups and margarine mostly for spread .

I use butter and I make ghee-which is butter refined:)

I always use butter and never margarine. Oil.. Sometimes. Depends on the dish ;)

oil or margarine for me mostly oil tho

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