Learning how to cook?!

Question: Learning how to cook?
Are there any effective ways to learn to cook available anywhere?


Hi. You can find many products searching the internet for recipe books or something like that. Hope this helps.

Find a local cooking course. Many personal chefs teach classes both privately and at local community centers/colleges. It's better to have some one on one time, so you can be shown personally, be corrected and ask questions if you don't understand. I had a couple friends who found and took a course together, it's really about learning terminology, technique and gaining some confidence. From there just follow the recipes you choose.

Cooking isn't about learning, its about enjoying it.
You can't be good at something you don't enjoy right?

But Cookbooks are the best way to go.
Make sure to follow the directions, and you'll have fun.

Sometimes you may mess up, but making mistakes is what makes you better.

I had nobody to really turn to so I turned to cook books. I suggest "The Joy Of Cooking" and "The Betty Crocker Cook Book". They were essential to me!

There are porbably some cooking classes that you can find or go to the Food Network Site, they have lots of videos. My favorite is 30 Minute meals

Yeah watch the food-net work channel


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