What are the sizes a fish needs to be in order to clean it? Cook it whole?!

Question: What are the sizes a fish needs to be in order to clean it? Cook it whole?
How big does a fish need to be in order to clean it? And any smaller than said size I cook it whole, right? I have experience at catch and release, but this will be my first time cooking one myself, so any and all tips appreciated.


All fish, even anchovies, should be gutted before you eat them.

You can cook fish of any size whole, from the tiniest little fishies to the biggest tunas. If you have the right equipment it makes sense to cook any fish whole.


You can cook any whole fish of any size as long as you have a pan and an oven or barbecue large enough to accommodate it.

Trout is one of my favorite fish to prep, stuff and roast. They are typically around 10 to 12 inches long, are easy to clean and absolutely delicious.

The best tip I can give for cooking fish, no matter the method, is too cook it at moderate heat (no hotter than 375 degrees Farenheit) and cook it just until the flesh turns from translucent to opaque.

They clean sardines, at least the innards are cleaned out so I am not sure size matter. I your looking for a meal, you should have at least 1 lb. of fish per person. You can cook almost any fish whole until the size of the fish makes it ungainly to cook.

The rule of thumb is to buy a fish that fits into a dinner plate "pan size". This fish is best because it will have less parasites and less toxicity than bigger fish. Also it is easier to scale and clean.

It should be big enough

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