what is the best type of cake with buttercream frosting?!

Question: What is the best type of cake with buttercream frosting?
I want to make a cake with buttercream frosting but don't know what type of cake to make. Please help! =)


To be honest the best cake is a simple vanila cake with vanilla icing. Yum.

Your possibilities are truly limitless.

If you want to make cream cheese butter cream, I love the idea of carrot cake with the cream cheese frosting. That's a classic, and even more unexpected if you do it as a bundt cake.

Another of my favorites is the tried and true chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - it's a classic that will always be wonderful. You could spin it a little and do lemon cake with chocolate frosting, or lemon cake with vanilla frosting ... or I've also done orange cake with vanilla frosting. That's also unexpected, because who does orange cake ever?

It really boils down to your personal preference, and what kind of mood you're in.

Have fun !!

Since buttercream is so sweet you may want to counteract that a little by choosing a not so sweet cake. such as a ginger spice cake, or a cake made with fresh tart berries such as blue berry, raspberry, or blackberry. Too much sugar can cause a "cloying" aka that feeling you get when you eat something tooo sweet and need a big glass of milk. On the other hand, I LOVE sweet so if I were this cake for myself I would make a fudgy devils food ...mmm

Buttercream tends to be very sweet, so i like to balance it out with a lighter (not too sweet) cake, something with lots of cocoa or spices. I actually prefer to use salted butter for my iceing, it really compliments the sweetness.

What flavor is the buttercream? If it's vanilla it'll go with any flavor cake.

Carrot or red velevet

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