What's the difference between stainless steel Stainless steel and Polised stainless steel cookware?!

Question: What's the difference between stainless steel Stainless steel and Polised stainless steel cookware?

Regular stainless steel have tiny scratches that provide a means for food that is being cooked to grasp and stick to the metal.
Polished stainless steel eliminates those tiny scratches thus eliminating sticking of food while being cooked.
Polished cookware will take the up most care to maintain and will require that no abrasive cooking utensils be used, or abrasive cleaning devices; if either was ever used, then the polish metal would loose it none stick qualities.
If you haven't cooked with bear metal cookware, I would suggest buying something that is cheaper and begin cooking with that; this way if mistakes are made, you're not out big bucks.
Either type will provide pretty much a non stick cooking surface with the proper use and care, heat pan then add oil for non stick frying qualities.
I recent went back to stainless and cast iron cookware and weaning myself of Teflon type stuff; but after 50 plus years of cooking, I like the old school stuff best.

I don't see any differences in what I have. I have Wolf Gang Puck Cookware and His Knives. I absolutely love them. The best investment I ever made. If you get the skillets hot before you put your oil in it it will not stick. Also if something does stick you can pour about 2 Tbsp. of white vinegar in the pan and finish filling it up with water, let it set for about 5 or 10 min. and it will wipe right out. If your cookware get some stains in it the vinegar will take it out too.

http://www.samsclub.com/sams/shop/produc… and Cookware|Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Cookware Set - 18 pc.

I do not know other than the obvious that one is polished. I would look at ratings of thickness which is expressed as a fraction and if other metal is involved . Many stainless steel have copper cladding on the bottom and others have a base of aluminum with stainless cladding. The cheapest is light weight and usually imported from Asia . The price range for a basic set can run from $20.00 to hundreds of dollars . I have a Revere Brand set I purchased 20 + years ago from an outlet mall and still use it daily.

there is basically no difference, so buy the one that is cheaper! :)

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