Homemade ice cream recipe,I need help?!

Question: Homemade ice cream recipe,I need help?

This is a repost question all previous answers suggested me to blend raw eggs + creams straight into ice cream maker which isn't what I want. I want to make ice cream using custard base recipe but have few questions about the methods. Some recipe like below asking you to heat whipping cream together with milk before tempering it with egg yolks.
1) http://make-ice-cream.com/custard.aspx

While these two says stir the cream into the mixture after custard been completely chilled/cooled.

So which one is better? Heating the cream with before making the custard or just stir it into the custard mixture after cooling?

I've asked this question in other cooking forum before but I got mixed answers. Some says it is better to heat the cream to obtain rich creamy texture & avoid raw buttery or funny greasy after taste in your mouth. While others says stirring the cream or soft whipped cream into chilled custard will give more softer texture & less overrun (I don't know what it is).
If you have experience making homemade ice cream can you advice me on this?



I've been cooking for over 50 years and I am old school when it comes to doing stuff.
When I was a kid back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we would have to turn the crank on the ice cream machine if we wanted homemade ice cream; the method that I recall being best and the one we have used throughout the years was to heat the cream and milk together until hot and not boiling, then let cool until until wrist warm and then temper the eggs.
I would suggest you once again look over the info you have supplied us, and you decide yourself based on your gut feeling not what us bozo's try to sway you in our direction, you'll be in a tizzy in a minute.
Maybe this may of some help, here is a recipe web site that old school and has 522 recipes for Ice Cream. Good luck.

The best way to make *plain* ice cream :

1. take milk ( full cream ) whatever measure you want
2. take seasoning like coco powder for chocolate flavour
3. take freshly whipped cream
4. slowly blend milk into the cream in a bowl and slowly add seasoning
5. start beating add adequate sugar a pinch of salt...
refigerate and then take out cold.... beat the ice cream...

proportion cream > milk

Leave out the eggs all together.

heat the cream and milk - just don't boil it.

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