When is it ok to pick food up off the floor and eat it?!

Question: When is it ok to pick food up off the floor and eat it?
or cook with it?


If no one else saw you pick it up. It is fine if you wash it.

Depends on whether or not I can beat the dog to it.

Actually, not all germs are bad, and you do in fact need exposure to germs to keep your immune response strong and active. It is extremely likely that there are smallpox germs on your floor, and also extremely unlikely that e.coli is on your floor.

If I am cooking something that others will eat, if something falls on the floor, it's into the trash. But for myself, if it's dry food and the floor is reasonably clean ... I'll eat it. I've had the flu twice in 62 years, and I only catch a cold once every 5-7 years, even though there are often colds going around the office at work. Seems like my immune response is strong and active and has no problem with "floor food".

3 second rule... or "kiss it up to God."

Actually, it depends on a lot of factors. How clean the FLOOR is, how the food HIT the floor, how desperate you are for that food... and so on.

If you are at home, you have more options. However, in a commercial establishment, it is NEVER... and I repeat... NEVER okay to pick food off the floor and eat it nor cook with it.

That'll be 5-cents, please.

Honest answer: There are two qualifications on when you can eat food that has been on the floor.

1) When that food is going to be cooked.
AND (not or, AND)
2) You will not be serving it to anyone but yourself.

Then eat all the floor food you want. If it's clean enough for you, go to town.

If it's a wet slimy food like a sucker or lunch meat the it's gone as soon as it hits the ground bit if its a dry food Like a cracker or cookie then it fine for like 10 secOnds

Mythbuster !!!

I personally would say never. Unless your floors are sanitized before you go in there to cook, but then you walked on the floor so it is no longer sanitized. Hope this helps


When you are at home and you know the floor is clean.

within 3 seconds. everyone knows that.

if your a dog.. always :P (neverrrr)

uumm gross! never

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